Ensaladang Talbos ng Kamote

Ensaladang Talbos ng Kamote is a nutritious and delicious sweet potato leaves salad with a simple vinaigrette dressing. It’s easy to prepare and makes a great side dish with fried fish or grilled meats.

Ensaladang Talbos ng Kamote in a serving bowls with steamed rice and lechon kawali on the side
Ensaladang Talbos ng Kamote

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  • How to serve and store
  • Ensaladang talong
  • Ensaladang Talbos ng Kamote

As you can see from the set of pictures I took, I served the slow cooker lechon I made the other day with a delicious side of ensaladang kamote tops. ‘Cause you know, there’s nothing like teaming up a fatty slab of pork belly with nutritious sweet potato leaves and tomato salad for long, healthy life. 😂

Kamote tops, chopped red onions, chopped tomatoes,

Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants,  kamote tops are, indeed, one of the best superfoods you can incorporate into your diet. Unfortunately, some of these nutrients can be lost from improper or overcooking of the vegetable.

To preserve most of their health benefits, cook them briefly either by blanching in hot water or steaming just until wilted. Quickly plunge in iced water to stop the cooking process and maintain crispness. Drain well.

pouring vinaigrette dressing over kamote tops salad with tomatoes and red onions in a glass bowl

The sweet potato leaves salad is generously doused in a simple vinaigrette dressing made with vinegar, garlic, oil, salt, pepper, and a touch of sugar to balance the acidity.

Helpful Tips

  • Make the salad extra yummy by adding chopped salted eggs (itlog na maalat) for a touch of savory flavor.
  • Toss in some chopped Thai chili peppers if you want a kick of spice.
kamote tops salad over steamed rice with lechon kawali on the side

How to serve and store

  • Ensaladang talbos ng kamote is nutritious, delicious, and makes the perfect side dish for fried fish, grilled meats, and of course, crunchy chunks of lechon.
  • To keep for future use, I suggest storing the vegetables and the dressing separately to maintaint the best texture. Refrigerate for up to 3 days.

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